Environment Training + Project Work

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The Internship (4 weeks – July) + Project work (Aug-Sep) under the guidance of Ajay Deshpande is a unique opportunity for students who will now be entering their third year of Civil/Chemical Engineering.

The students will undergo training via virtual classrooms and also receive an assignment as Project work from the following topics:
1. Air quality management in Urban area (District Level city): Evaluation for air quality data and preparation of air pollution Source inventory (2-3 cities)
2. Performance evaluation of waste water management in urban area (district level city): Wastewater generation, collection, treatment and disposal practices (2-3 cities)
3. Environment impact assessment studies for an industry (may be sugar factory, distillery, thermal power plants etc) (2-3 industries)
4. Environmental performance evaluation of an industrial area (nearby MIDC area) and comparative analysis using the CEPI protocol.
5. Study of solid waste management in a city and preparation of action plans to deal with that.
6. Noise mapping and analysis in an urban area and preparation of action plan to deal with that.
This program is aimed at helping students gain new industry exposure as well complete their project work mandate.
The Project work shall begin in Aug-Sep while the training program will start on June 1st.
Ajay Deshapande profile:
Dr. Ajay Deshpande is Graduate, post graduate and Ph.D. degree in Environmental engineering with more than 27 years hand-on experience in environmental pollution control and governance in multiple sectors of urban, industrial and infrastructural development including steel, chemical, agro-based, construction and waste processing industries along with environmental enforcement and judicial reviews.
Presently, he works with Asian Development Bank as part time Member of its Compliance Review Panel and responsible to ensure that the ADB financed projects are strictly following the ADB norms and all ADB procedures related to environment are strictly followed.
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