Bridge Engineering Training + Project Work

3,000.00 / month for 2 months




A specialised training program with guided project work from industry experts to help you develop the skills required in the bridge engineering industry.
You will also work on the following projects after the training:
1. Bridge Inspection Repair and Rehabilitation along with case study.
2. Recent trends in bridge construction  including Metro Rail  construction.
3. Study of Reinforced Earth walls its Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance.
4. Use of non destructive testing for Quality Control and Assessment of bridge Durability especially for existing bridges.
5.  Bridge Hydraulics: Parameters required to be studied during the Planning and Design of bridges.

Training Program:

Delivered through live sessions on weekdays starting July 6th

Project Work:

Mentored and guided projects 2-3 hrs a week starting August
A Civil Engineer himself, S.S Bhonge has been working as a Superintending engineer (Bridges) at Design Circle of Public works department, Maharashtra. He has been working at PWD since 1993 and has received various nominations and awards for his work in planning and execution of numerous bridge projects across Maharashtra.

Who can apply?

Civil Engineering students from 3rd and 4th Year with Basic knowledge of structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering are eligible for this program
Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about the program.


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