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Pratian Technologies

Pratian Technologies, based out of Bangalore, India is a global 'Digital Business Ecosystem' solution provider serving from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 Co's across 7 Countries globally with a Partnership Mindset.

SkillAssure programs by Pratian


SkillAssure Framework from Pratian Technologies will help candidates asses in as many as 45 competencies and choose a career from 36 top job roles in the industry.
Students who perform well in this one week full time program will be offered a job at the end of the final day to pursue their dream careers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, DevOps, Enterprise Stack, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Data Centre Management, Data Science, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing.
Blockchain School

The Blockchain School is an ed-tech interactive learning platform based out of pune that focuses on Blockchain Technology. The objective is to help the community grow, expand, and prosper in this area of technology which captures the whole world.

The Blockchain School Logo
Beginner course on Block Chain


The blockchain essence is designed in a way to make the student well versed in the basics of blockchain. The course intends to explain and clear the idea about some basic terminologies that are often associated with blockchain with the aid of simple and everyday examples. Along with this it also uncovers the traces of the concept in history. The technology has evolved with humans and then has become the way it is today.
BellCurve Labs Inc.

BellCurve Labs Inc. is a team of educators, technologists and business professionals who are dedicated to a common goal: to create greater human equity by making innovative knowledge-growing solutions available to all.

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ACE Test

ACE is a decision-making tool.  It is designed to help you to better understand yourself – your personality, your unique skill set and your individual strengths.  ACE will help you to identify the specific career options that best align with your unique profile.
Energy Efficiency Services Limited

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is a Super-Energy Service Company (ESCO), which enables consumers, industries and governments to effectively manage their energy needs through energy efficient technologies.

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Upcoming programs

Training modules that will discover the new trends and high-in-demand solutions in the field of energy efficient technologies. Students will be provided exposure and opportunities to interact with the industry.
PDRL Air Taxi

PDRL is changing ways of mobility with the goal of changing the way people commute, they are developing an absolutely safe & eco-friendly AAV 'AeroHans'. AeroHans is an Air Taxi/eVTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight.

Upcoming programs

Training modules in this latest technology that is going to change the world, from software to manufacturing to design, the module will equip the students with everything they need to know about Air Taxi.
Sobus Insight Forum

Sobus Insight Forum: An open holistic platform to incubate and accelerate social enterprises created under the umbrella of Art-of-living association.

Upcoming programs

SoBus will facilitate and mentor new-age entrepreneurs who aim to make a social impact along with creating a sustainable business.

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