Training + Placement Program 

Brought to you by SkillAssure
Hands on learning by hands on experts to get your best tech jobs.
Guaranteed placement after the training program.
The package below is applicable to current semester 8 students and can be offered in 2 program fee structures: TO REGISTER CLICK ON ENROLL and pay registration fee of 1,000 INR
1. Online + Offline Advanced training and Placement program by SkillAssure:
40 hrs (Talent Discoveri program) + 6-9 months (Talent Accelerator Program 1000 INR Registration fee +  1,00,000 INR+ GST + guaranteed placement of 3.5 L min package)
2. Online + Offline Advanced training + Internship and Placement program by SkillAssure:   
40 hrs (Talent Discoveri program) + 6-9 months (Talent Accelerator Program 1000 INR Registration fee + 1,00,000 INR+ GST + 80,000 INR refundable deposit + guaranteed placement of 3.5 L min package)
Program highlights: 
– Any student from any engineering branch can apply for this program
– Discoveri by SkillAssure is a prerequisite to enroll in this program and Accelerator is an offline program of 6-9 months
– Talent Accelerator program duration may vary from 6-9 months depending on student performance
– Guaranteed placement at the end of accelerator program
– Payment for the accelerator program can be made in 3 installments of 50,000 + 25,000 + 25,000 + GST
– Payment for the program can be made via education loan ( Assistance will be provided)
– If student opts for internship model during the accelerator program period by paying 80,000 additional, he/she will receive a stipend of 10,000 per month as stipend. In case student completes program and gets placed within 6 months, 20000 INR will be refunded back from the deposit.
– The first 3 months of the Accelerator program will be at our Skill centre (different locations in Maharashtra) followed by the next 3-6 months at Pratian technologies Headquarters in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

6-9 Months of Training + Internship by Pratian Technologies

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