Specialized training on using Revit software for creating structural drawings.
Students from Civil Engineering looking to sharpen their skills on Revit software can enroll into this comprehensive course delivered through live virtual classrooms by Computer Help company professionals.
After the 4 week training (Certified Internship) starting July 6th, the students will also engage in complete Guided Project work (as a part of their academic requirement) August onward which will be mentored by the instructor. Students will thus receive two certifications at the end of this program.

Computer Help company profile:

We are a group of highly qualified civil engineers and CAD personal, providing
consultancy services, verification of designs for high rise buildings, software
development, providing BIM (Building information modelling including MEP) services and training in the field of Civil Engineering
For any queries regarding the training, contact

Course Curriculum

What you'll learn
Introduction to the Autodesk Revit software 01:30:00
Basic drawing and editing tools 01:30:00
Setting up levels and grids 02:00:00
Working with views 02:00:00
Starting a structural project based on a linked architectural model 01:30:00
Adding structural columns and walls 02:00:00
Adding foundations and structural slabs 02:00:00
Structural reinforcement 02:00:00
Beams, trusses, and framing systems 02:00:00
Construction documents 01:30:00
Annotating construction documents 01:20:00
Detailing 01:30:00
Scheduling 01:30:00

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  • 3,000.00 / month for 2 months
  • 4 weeks



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      Bodke Shrikant
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