• The complete course structure is designed in association with ESDS keeping Cloud Data Centre where Scale and Volume are at different level.
• The course is skill development oriented which can help in getting job effectively.
• The syllabus is designed by the industry experts.
• All sessions will be delivered by the experienced industry experts who themselves practice the subject
• The program is a combination of Training + Guided project work by industry experts. Students will undergo training via live sessions during weekdays in July followed weekend mentorship in August for the project work.
• Students will receive a certification on completion of the program.
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Course Features:

• Understand the computer network, various protocols used in network.
• Understand the configure the two or more networking devices for communication with each other’s.
• Learn the DNS servers and its security, DNS protocols and http protocols.
• Learn various email services and protocols.
• Understand the Devices monitoring protocols and attack on Networks and its security.
• Learn various ways for cloud security, data security.
• After completion of this course, students will have base to become a Network Administrator.

Who can apply?

This course is eligible for undergraduate third and fourth year Engineering students (B.E.) Following branches will be eligible for this courses  –
1. BE – IT, computer, Computer Science Engineering.
2. BE – Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunication

Payment Options:

1. To pay in installments, please use credit card and click on ‘Take this course’
2. If you would like to pay in installments or full advance by Debit card/ UPI/ other methods please write to us at with your contact details(Name,Email,Phone no), college name, engineering branch & year, Selected course name and we will send you a unique transaction link within 24hrs to enroll you into the course.

In case of any queries regarding the program, please contact

Course Curriculum

Indroduction to Computer Network
Application of Computer network,Network Type LAN,WAN,MAN 01:27:00
OSI Layer
Physical Layer Data Link Layer,Network layer,Transport Layer, Session Layer, Presentation Layer Application Layer 01:28:00
IP Address and Classes
Prefixes,Subnets,Classes.Public, Private, static and Dynamic IP,IPv4 and IPV6 01:28:00
TCP/UDP Protocal
Connection Less Transport,Connection Oriented Transport,TCP connection and Flow Control Practically Example 01:28:00
DNS Protocol
What is DNS and Important of DNS 01:27:00
HTTP Protocol
What is SMTP, POP and IMAP? 01:28:00
Email Services and Protocol
What is Web Servers and Important of Web servers 01:28:00
Database Servers
Define DBMS, Structure and Un structure Database Different Type of Database Servers, Normalization and De-Normalization 01:27:00
SQL Statements
DDL, DML, DCL, ACID Database indexes, Triger and Procedure, Database Mirroring, Database Clustering 01:28:00
Device Monitoring Protocal
Different Device Monitoring Protocol Define Simple Network Management Protocol 01:28:00
SNMP Components
SNMP Manager, Agent, Management Information Base 01:28:00
SNMP Messages
GetRequest, GetNextRequest, GetBulkRequest, SetRequest, Response, Trap, InformRequest 01:27:00
SNMP Security Levels
noAuthNoPriv, authNopriv, authPriv SNMP versions- SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 01:28:00
Attack on OSI Layer
Application and Presentation Layer Attack 01:28:00
Session Layer Attack
SSL/TLS session Sniffing, Cookies Hijack, SSL Exhaustion, Long Lived TCP sessions, SSL Exhaustion, Broken Authentication and Session Management 01:27:00
Transport and Network Level Attack
HTTP Flood, UDP Flood, DNS query/NXDOMAIN floods, TCP SYN Flood, DDOS Attack, Slow Loris Attack, Reflection Attacks, Amplification Attacks, Biggest Cyber Attack- Wanacry, NotPetya, Ethereum, Equifax, Github 01:28:00
Cloud Security 1
Introduction and Attack on C-I-A objective- Attack on Confidentiality, Attack on Integrity, Attack on Availability 01:28:00
Adaptive Security Architecture
Predict, Prevent, Respond, Detect 01:28:00
Cloud Security 2
Identify and Access Management 01:27:00
Data Security
Data in Transit, Data at Rest, Data in Processing, Data Remanence, Encryption 01:28:00
Network Security
Firewall, UTM, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Anti-Virus and End Point Protection, IPS and IDS 01:28:00
Cloud Security 3
Web Security- SSL, Web Application Firewall VAPT, Real Time Monitoring and Scanning 01:28:00
E-mail Security
SSL, Spam Protection, Email Filtering Gateway. DKIM , SPF and rDNS 01:27:00
Security Information and Event Management, Regulatory compliance -PCI-DSS,HIPAA,STQC,DIT 01:28:00
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 01:27:00
VTM Scan
Introduction of VTM Scan 01:28:00
Installation of VTM scan 01:28:00
OWASP Top 10, VTM scan portal operations 01:28:00
Demo Section
Demo unit 00:00:00
Live Session
Netwotking Live Session 00:00:00

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