Course Curriculum

Metrology & Mechanical Measurement
Line End Wave std 00:11:30
Fundamental Deviation 00:07:29
comparison Line & End Std 00:03:55
Taylor’s Principle 00:05:47
Pricision & Accuracy 00:09:40
Need of measurement 1 00:05:53
Need of measurement 2 00:06:26
Fits 00:07:06
Machine Design-II
Sliding Contcat Bearing 4 00:14:52
Sliding Contcat Bearing 3 00:08:09
Sliding Contcat Bearing 2 00:14:18
Sliding Contcat Bearing 1 00:12:37
Rolling Contcat Bearing 4 00:11:05
Rolling Contcat Bearing 3 00:15:00
Rolling Contcat Bearing 2 00:10:47
Rolling Contcat Bearing 1 00:12:43
Cast iron Metallurgy 00:09:43
Heat Treatment 3 Metallurgy 00:17:35
Heat Treatment 1 Metallurgy 00:13:14
Heat Treatment 2 Metallurgy 00:15:37
Machine design
Sliding Contact Bearing 1 00:12:38
Internal combustion Engine
Introduction to Automobile layout 00:15:00

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    Yes, this program was awesome! I gained much exposure to many different very useful software tools and resources that I had no idea existed. There is so much information to wrap your head around and can take some time to get yourself familiar with everything, but definitely worth it. Amazing program, I enjoyed it very much!
    Bodke Shrikant
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    This was a great course and exactly the skill set I was looking for. Things are explained very well and from the beginning without assuming you already know something, just like it is described it would be. It took dedication to stick with it and see it to the end and it was very rewarding that I did. I learned many concepts that are used within my career that I did not understand prior to taking this course. Definitely recommend taking the time to complete this course!
    Bodke Shrikant
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    Very good blockchain explanation in details. Good programming examples and exercises.
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