Name: Prof. A. I. Nadaf

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: ME(ENTC)*

Experience: 08 Years

Subject : Digital Signal Processing


Course Curriculum

Digital Signal Processing
Impulse Invarient Method 00:09:10
IIR FIlter design using BLT 00:04:33
FIR Filter design by hanning window 00:12:33
FIR Filter using Hamming window 00:12:33
FIR Filter design using Frequency Sampling Technique 00:08:11
FIR Filter design by rectangular window 00:11:14
Goertzel Algorithm 00:03:46
DIT IFFT 00:11:32
8point DIT FFT 00:12:26
8point DIF FFT 00:12:08
Frequency Analysis using DFT 00:05:42
Decimal to Octal conversion 00:03:11
DFT as linear transformation 00:05:42
overlap save method 00:12:41
Overlap save method1 00:00:11
Cross correlation 00:06:20
Decimal to Binary conversion 00:03:00
Autocorrelation1 00:00:11
Autocorrelation 00:04:32
Convolution of two sequences using overlap add met 00:23:00
Correlation1 00:00:11

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    Bodke Shrikant
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    This was a great course and exactly the skill set I was looking for. Things are explained very well and from the beginning without assuming you already know something, just like it is described it would be. It took dedication to stick with it and see it to the end and it was very rewarding that I did. I learned many concepts that are used within my career that I did not understand prior to taking this course. Definitely recommend taking the time to complete this course!
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