Students from Civil Engineering looking to develop their skills in an extremely potential sector of Building construction can enrol into this comprehensive course delivered through live virtual classrooms by Alok Gupta on the Importance of Using Construction Chemicals.

Course features:

Present-day construction has undergone big changes as compared to few decades ago. The speed of construction has gone up drastically, leading to defects in construction. There is large amount of money that must be spent on rectification. The problems are being minimized using chemicals. Unfortunately, not many civil engineering explore this area or develop expertise in this high-in-demand sector. In this course, students will be introduced to chemicals being used in construction and to a number of common problems faced during construction and how to solve them using chemicals.
After the 4 week training starting July 20th, the students will also engage in complete Guided Project work (as a part of their academic requirement) August onward which will be mentored by the instructor. Students will receive the certification at the end of this program.

Alok Gupta profile:

Name : Dr. Alok Kumar

Education : B Tech from IIT Delhi, Ph.D. from University of Washington, Seattle in Organic Chemistry in 1990. Worked in Pennsylvania State University as Post-Doctoral Fellow in Polymer Science Department for 2 years

Work Experience: Worked in ICI India Ltd. in Research and Development for 9 years.
Worked as Marketing Director in Laffans Petrochemicals Ltd. for 4 years.
Started PAR Specialty Polymers Pvt. Ltd. in 2005. Developed the construction chemical products
Currently Managing Director of Par Specialty Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Who can apply?

This course is eligible for undergraduate Civil Engineering students (B.E.) from final year.

Payment Options:

1. To pay in installments, please use credit card and click on ‘Take this course’
2. If you would like to pay in installments or full advance by Debit card/ UPI/ other methods please write to us at with your contact details(Name,Email,Phone no), college name, engineering branch & year, Selected course name and we will send you a unique transaction link within 24hrs to enroll you into the course.

For any queries regarding the training, contact

Course Curriculum

What you'll learn
Importance of Construction Chemicals in present day construction 05:42:00
Admixtures 05:43:00
Waterproofing 05:43:00
Bonding Agents 05:42:00
Products for Repair of Old Structures 05:42:00
Powder Products 05:43:00
Miscellaneous Products 05:43:00

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