Course Features:

Live online sessions for valued interaction with the expert for content delivery, doubt solving and interactions!

a. Enabling Thinking Process/Pedagogy
The bedrock of our entire course. It is done by challenging to think the concept through. A pool of innovative questions helps to develop further insights understand concepts that would otherwise remain obscure. The students will be encouraged to start thinking and stop memorizing the concepts.

b. Assignment
On completion of a topic, an assignment (upwards of 80 questions) must be solved on your own.
A topic test will be conducted, at the end of every module.
Topics per week….Learned….Practiced…..& tested….

c. Learning/Mentoring
You will receive a daily plan to watch videos, live sessions to clear doubts, interact, share insights, solve more questions.

Instructor Profile:  Nitin Rathod

• Chemical engineer (LIT,Nagpur) by Degree, Trainer by Choice
• 12+ years of experience in training and content development for Quant, LR, DI, GD and PI for BBA and MBA entrance
• A highly acclaimed ardent Aptitude trainer by students. Students vouch for his method of teaching especially the short-cuts.

Course Highlights:

Total live sessions: 21
Duration of each session: 2 hrs
Sessions per week: 4
Timings: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 7-9pm

QA Module 1: Percentage profit loss
300+ High Quality questions
100+ Assignment questions with solutions
10+ DI sets based on Percentage Profit loss

QA Module 2: Ratio Proportion Variation, Mixture Allegation
300+ High Quality questions
100+ Assignment questions with solutions
10+ DI sets based on Percentage Profit loss

QA Module 3: Time speed distance, Time and work
450+ High Quality questions
150+ Assignment questions with solutions
10+ DI sets based on Percentage Profit loss

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Percentages and It’s Application 02:00:00
Profit, Loss and Discount (PLD) 02:00:00
Simple Interest and Compound Interest (SI/CI) 02:00:00
Ratio Proportion Variation (RPV) 02:00:00
Averages and Weighted Averages 02:00:00
Mixtures and Alligation 02:00:00
Time Speed Distance 02:00:00
Races 02:00:00
Time and Work 02:00:00

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