What is The Blockchain School?

The Blockchain School is a new age start-up in the field of Ed tech. Pride themselves for their cutting-edge learning platform that focuses on offering the best in class services in the field of blockchain technology. The objective is to help the community understand, experiment, expand, and grow the applications of this innovative technology and the mission is to offer them an ecosystem that supports their vision. This is an attempt to head towards a better & sustainable future. Hence, they are building an Integrated Platform for e-learning, employment and career solutions into blockchain space.


Course Curriculum

Blockchain Essence
History of Blockchain 00:03:24
Features of Blockchain 00:02:48
Potential Success Factors of Blockchain 00:02:24
Scope of application 00:01:45
Introduction to upcoming modules 00:01:27
What is Blockchain? 00:02:12
What is an Asset? 00:03:46
What is a Ledger? 00:02:27
What is a Transaction? 00:05:36
What is a Contract? 00:02:46
Traditional ledger System: History 00:04:40
Dis-advantages of Old Ledger System 00:05:08
Introduction to the New System 00:02:35
Defining Consensus 00:03:17
Defining Provenance 00:03:51
Defining Immutability 00:02:27
Defining Finality 00:02:50
Defining Usability Of Blockchain 00:02:28
Blockchain Vs Bitcoin 00:02:35
What Does Blockchain Have To Offer? 00:01:35
Shared Ledgers 00:03:00
Smart Contracts 00:04:53
Privacy on Blockchain 00:02:36
Trust Factor as a Service 00:02:47
Relevance of Blockchain for Industries 00:04:58
Exploring few use cases of blockchain. 00:03:13
Blockchain Usecases
Introduction to Blockchain in Fintech Industry 00:02:03
Application area 1: Neutralizing fraud 00:03:11
Application area 2: Know Your Customer 00:03:03
Application area 3: Trading and Payments 00:03:00
Challenges in Scalability and Usability U-1E 00:02:21
Introduction to Blockchain in Manufacturing Industry Segment 00:02:11
Application area 1: Logistics 00:02:37
Application area 2: Financing 00:02:27
Application area 3: Digital Infrastructure For Supply Chain 00:02:08
Future Scalability Potential 00:02:06
Introduction to Blockchain in Insurance Industry Segment 00:02:10
Application area 1: Working of Insurance claim cycle through Blockchain 00:02:12
Application area 2: Insurance for B-B through Blockchain 00:02:10
Application area 3: Insurance for B-C through Blockchain 00:02:12
Challenges in Scalability and Usability u3e 00:02:14
Introduction to Blockchain in E-Commerce Industry Segment 00:02:28
Application area 1: Improving “trust” through Blockchain 00:02:19
Application area 2: Improving Logistics through Blockchain 00:02:18
Application area 3: Improving Tracability in Supply chain 00:02:14
Scalability on fronts of real time data availability 00:02:32
Introduction to Blockchain in Public Sector 00:02:21
Application area 1: Governance 00:02:10
Application area 1: Healthcare 00:02:09
Application area 1: Education 00:02:10
Challenges in Scalability and Usability U5e 00:02:05
Introduction to Hyperledger and Ethereum
What is Hyperledger Fabric? 00:02:34
Components of Hyperledger Fabric. 00:04:39
Advantages of Hyperledger Fabric 00:04:03
Hyperledger Fabric Functionality 00:04:20
Hyperledger Fabric tools 00:02:41
Frameworks of Hyperledger 00:01:11
Hyperledger Iroha 00:02:33
Hyperledger Sawtooth 00:02:43
Hyperledger Burrow, Grid 00:01:48
Hyperledger Indy 00:02:34
Principles of Hyperledger 00:02:35
Basic Architecture of Hyperledger fabric 00:03:22
Advantages of architecture 00:02:38
What is Ethereum? 00:01:44
What is Ether? 00:02:35
Smart Contracts on Ethereum 00:02:21
Gas: transactional fee and incentivization 00:02:49
Transactions and types 00:03:46
Bitcoin Blockchain Vs Ethereum Blockchain 00:02:33
Ethereum Virtual Machine 00:02:31
Introduction to Dapps
What are Dapps? 00:02:35
Difference between traditional apps and Dapps 00:02:39
Advantages of Dapps 00:02:55
Dis-advantages of Dapps 00:01:41
Criteria of Dapps 00:01:45
Dapps Classification 00:02:36
How do Dapps function? 00:02:26
Future of Dapps 00:01:42
Introduction to Distributed ledger technology
Basic Definition of Distributed Ledger Technology 00:01:42
What is Distributed ledger Technology 00:02:22
Properties of Distributed Ledger Technology 00:02:49
Advantages of Distributed ledger Technology 00:03:07
Actors in Distributed ledger Technology 00:06:46
Difference Between Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology 00:02:35
Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology Frameworks 00:03:12
Protocol Layer 00:03:18
Network Layer 00:03:52
Data Layer 00:02:37
Smart Contracts on Distributed Ledger Technology 00:02:59

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    Very good blockchain explanation in details. Good programming examples and exercises.

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    Bodke Shrikant
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    This was a great course and exactly the skill set I was looking for. Things are explained very well and from the beginning without assuming you already know something, just like it is described it would be. It took dedication to stick with it and see it to the end and it was very rewarding that I did. I learned many concepts that are used within my career that I did not understand prior to taking this course. Definitely recommend taking the time to complete this course!
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    Very good blockchain explanation in details. Good programming examples and exercises.
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